Specialists in Hermetics and Plating

Glass to Metal Seals

Providing hermetic seals, components and complete sub assemblies.

Plating Services

High performance/quality plating. Proactive support to ensure fast turnaround.

Design Prototyping

Collaborating to produce and verify designs and prototypes to optimise performance and manufacturability.

Single & Multi-pin Feed Through

Allowing the transfer of electrical power, gases or fluids into a hermetic chamber. Parts provided that can be soldered, welded, mechanically sealed or brazed into enclosures, bulkheads, housings and packages.


Standard packaging and innovative designs/materials to provide ultra-high reliability protection for power semiconductors,hybrids or complete systems.

High Pressure Seals

Single or multi pin feedthroughs using materials and designs to meet extreme environmental challenges, currently with continuous pressure ratings of up to 30,000PSI.

High Temperature Seals

High temperature packages for wide band gap semiconductors / Bulkhead seals for performance at > 600°C