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New Tensile Tester to multiple processes

Posted on: 18th May 2021

As part of our ongoing commitment to the highest standards of manufacturing and quality control, we regularly invest in new equipment. 

We recently acquired a new AML Instruments Z5 Single Column Tensile Tester which offers our engineers a raft of new features, and crucially an operating accuracy range that matches our exacting requirements.

With an accuracy variance rating below 0.5% as well as a broad range of load inputs – from 5 to 5000 kN – and a high-precision movement capability of up to 0,001mm the new instrument allows for a variety of testing in both our manufacturing quality control processes, and in our research and development processes.

The AML Z5 allows us to test for tensile strength, compression and bend strength, shear, torque, friction and fatigue, and with updated and easy-to-use software, brings both cost- and time-savings by allowing engineers to test, record and view data more easily.


New Tensile Tester to multiple processes