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SGA features in The Parliamentary Review

Posted on: 6th December 2018

SGA Technologies is extremely pleased to have been featured in leading publication The Parliamentary Review (TPR), which describes itself as ‘an indispensable guide to industry best practice’.

The article, which appeared over three pages in the 2018 Metals, Materials and Fabrication edition, was based on an interview with SGA Technologies Managing Director Chris Brown.

Chris was able to give detail about SGA Technologies’ origins and core competencies, namely glass-to-metal sealing, as well as how the company ethos of full transparency and traceability underpins the trust relationships built over the years with SGA’s clients.

“Newcomers to the industry might have a lower cost base, but their quality and other standards are also usually lower,” Chris tells TPR. “We, by contrast, provide full transparency…[and] traceability to the source materials we are working with. This makes us a trusted manufacturer.”

Chris reiterated too that SGA Technologies’ steady growth in the market has allowed them to invest in new factory space in their Saffron Walden location, and acquire new staff, thus adding value to the local community.

Plans for the future, he says, include building on new technologies, particularly with renewables in mind, but urged that vigilance in a volatile market remains key to economic survival and growth.

TPR also questioned Chris on his company’s stance on Brexit, to which he replied that there were upsides and downsides – on the one hand, he said, a quarter of SGA’s shop-floor staff come from Eastern Europe, from which the company has benefited.

However, a weakened British Pound and uncertainty has been negative, although he reiterated that the general market in which SGA operates remains buoyant.



SGA features in The Parliamentary Review