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SGA implements a partial Return to Work programme

Posted on: 18th September 2020

In line with UK Governments recommendations and regulations, SGA Technologies has implemented a phased return to work for a number of our employees whilst maintaining many of the strategies implemented early in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Whilst vulnerable staff remain furloughed, we have introduced a revised schedule to bring more staff back on alternating days, particularly in our plating department. 

Within the work environment, we are continuing to maintain strict social distancing protocols, keeping staff at least 2 metres from each other at all times, as well as limiting numbers of people taking lunch or tea breaks at the same time and limiting inter-departmental contact.

We are continuing to monitor the well-being of all staff to ensure that communication lines are kept open, staff who feel vulnerable are given the necessary support and our production facilities are able to operate as necessary.

SGA implements a partial Return to Work programme