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SGA Technologies acquires Pre-Tec Engineering

Posted on: 18th January 2020

SGA Technologies is pleased to announce the acquisition of specialist design and manufacturing company Pre-Tec Engineering. 

Pre-Tec Engineering built a strong industry reputation for designing and building multi-slide tools for Finzer and Bihler machines but expanded from forming and stamping tools to producing cut and formed wire components for use mainly in the glass and metal sealing industries.

In particular, Pre-Tec’s high levels of accuracy and precision in the manufacture of pins makes them an ideal fit for our needs, as we require a component manufacturer capable of producing a range of pins for use in our plating, hermetic packages and glass to metal seals.

SGA Technologies Managing Director Chris Brown says, “This purchase brings with it a range of precision pin-making capability to the SGA brand, risk mitigation for our own supply chain and the chance to grow sales of pins in high quality, high reliability applications such as those we currently service.”


SGA Technologies acquires Pre-Tec Engineering