Specialists in Hermetics and Plating

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

SGA Technologies have carried out a risk assessment in line with government advice to ensure safe working conditions and a high level of awareness of risks within its staff. This document lists the actions carried out to ensure safe working.

SGA have taken steps to ensure all personnel who can work from home are.

  • All non-production personnel have been assessed and where possible are now working from home.
  • Support is being provided to them with additional equipment to effectively carry out their work.
  • To enable good communication between staff Microsoft Teams is being used by all staff.
  • Vulnerable and elderly individuals who are un-able to work from home and cannot be moved to safer roles have been furloughed under the government scheme.

SGA have taken steps to help ensure staff can always maintain the recommended safe distance of 2m from other personnel.

  • Introduction of split shifts.
  • Staff are not allowed to enter other departments unless necessary.
  • Tea breaks have been split up.
  • All meetings are to take place via Microsoft Teams where possible.
  • Smaller rooms have been assigned a maximum occupancy.
  • Workstations have been separated.
  • Workstations have been assigned to specific operators.
  • Floor Tape has been laid as guidelines for social distancing.
  • Where a member of staff must travel between sites (such as moving material and production parts) visits must be as short as possible and only enter areas which are required. 

SGA have taken steps to ensure the factory remains clean.

  • Staff have been told to wash their hands more frequently, all welfare facilities have a poster with the correct handwashing technique, hand driers have been switched off and paper towels are now in use.
  • Staff must wash their hands when first arriving at SGA, signs have been added to staff entrances to remind staff.
  • Workstations are to be cleaned down periodically with any shared work-area to be sanitised after use.
  • Shared equipment is to be sanitised after use.
  • Staff must wash their hands before and after eating.
  • Operators have been assigned their own PPE for operations where normally a shared item might have been used.
  • Areas which are touched regularly are to be cleaned periodically throughout the day.
  • Break rooms, kitchens and meeting rooms are to be cleaned down after use.
  • All staff have been assigned their own bottle of hand sanitiser.
  • Face masks have been provided for operations which require staff to work in close proximity.

SGA have taken steps to ensure company vehicles are safe to drive.

  • Company vehicles are limited to one occupant only.
  • The steering wheel and controls must be wiped down after use.
  • Limiting the number of people using the vehicles.

Managing Site visits:

  • Customer and supplier visits have been suspended for the duration of the COVID crises.
  • Essential contractors are being allowed on site, a copy of SGA’s COVID policy will be made available to them upon entry to the site.