Specialists in Hermetics and Plating

Non Hermetic

Not all seals and packages have a requirement for hermeticity. As a result SGA manufacture products that incorporate the technologies and competencies found within our hermetic products, to a lower specification.

Filament holders

Filament holders are often used within high vacuum enclosures of scientific equipment and although not required to be hermetic they do have to operate at high temperatures without out-gassing; glass to metal seals offer an ideal solution.

Electro mechanical assemblies

Electronic packaging may also not need to be hermetic but still benefits from matching of material CTE rates. Large area substrate mount using our vacuum soldering systems can produce expansion matched high reliability assemblies such as this AlSi/Alumina assembly.

Sub assemblies of larger hermetic systems take advantage of our extensive materials knowledge and assembly techniques such as this Ni/Ptfe/ss resistance welded assembly

Filament Holders
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AISi/Alumnia Assembly
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