Specialists in Hermetics and Plating

About Us

SGA Technologies limited
SGA Technologies has been supplying high quality, high reliability hermetic components and packages since 1969. SGA devices are used globally in applications where performance, quality and reliability are critical. Equipment as diverse as satellite communications, military and commercial aircraft, oil drilling platforms, medical systems, utilities and scientific equipment are all using SGA products.

In-house Design, Assembly and Test
All aspects of design, manufacture and testing take place at SGA, thereby ensuring complete control over quality and reliability. Our engineers oversee all aspects of the process for you. During development and into production, you can be sure of our pedigree and experience.

New Products & Processes Development
At SGA we are able to offer a fast, complete design and manufacturing service. As we control all elements, we can quickly customize every aspect of our design. On numerous occasions we have developed new processes to meet customer’s exacting specifications. We are always looking for new materials, new processes and new ways of bringing technological edge to our designs. We have worked with universities and on funded programs, working alongside leading research institutions to bring the very best performance and lifetime to our designs.

At SGA, whatever the challenge, we have the ability to meet it.