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Posted on: 6th December 2019

New GoldMine CRM software investment

New CRM software purchase. Helping us achieve even higher levels of customer satisfaction.
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Posted on: 27th November 2019

Snooker Tournament

Great fun had by all SGA staff at a recent snooker tournament
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Posted on: 9th August 2019

E-Max Implementation

SGA invest in a new ERP system to help drive operational excellence across all of our sites.
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Posted on: 25th July 2019

Walden's Biggest Loser Finale

WEEK 10 and the competition is over! And what a finale it was!
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Posted on: 19th July 2019

SGA Introduce Cobalt Au to their list of finishes

We are pleased to announce the introduction of Cobalt Au.
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Posted on: 15th July 2019

Extraction Upgrades

SGA are in process of replacing their extraction system with industry leading technology.
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Posted on: 13th July 2019

SGA 50th Anniversary Party

SGA celebrates 50 years of trading 1969 to 2019
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Posted on: 10th July 2019

The sun (almost) always shines on SGA

SGA are contributing to greener energy.
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Posted on: 7th July 2019

Biggest Loser Fun Run

Chris Brown (MD) completed a 5K fun run with the Just Gym biggest loser “Competitors”.
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Posted on: 3rd June 2019

Vacuum Soldering Ovens: Invacu VSU28 and ATV SRO706

Vacuum soldering ovens used for high temperature solders
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Posted on: 11th May 2019

Walden's Biggest Loser

SGA Technologies are proud Main sponsors of Walden's Biggest Loser!
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Posted on: 9th May 2019

Local Football Derby Match

SGA Hermetics and Plating Division employees take part in a local derby football match.
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