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High temperature seals and packages can be found in applications ranging from intermittent or infrequent high temperature applications to steady state harsh environments. SGA produce high volumes of various seals using glass ceramics.

Glass ceramics are processed as glass but crystallises during processing to give a ceramic type structure. This has the advantage of not having a glass transition temperature and therefore being much more stable at high temperatures. These techniques allow for the production of seals that remain hermetic during and after exposure to temperatures in excess of 750˚C. This performance attribute allows our high temperature seals and packages to survive fire tests and also higher steady state operating temperatures than ordinary glass seals.

Silicon carbide semiconductors operate at higher temperatures than traditional silicon devices. SGA currently produce high temperature packages capable of protecting semiconductor devices in a hermetic environment whilst operating in excess of 300˚C case temperature. SGA are committed to the continued development of increasing this operating temperature further.   Request a Quote  

High temperature seals
Filament Holders
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high temperature seals
AISi/Alumnia Assembly
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