Specialists in Hermetics and Plating


Our experience, knowledge, and expertise in hermetic glass to metal seals, lends itself perfectly with our military and defence customer base. Over our 50+ years, we have designed, developed, and manufactured several different seals that can be used in a variety of different munition applications.

Equipment as diverse as satellite communications, military aviation, and subsea defence systems, has allowed SGA to provide high-quality, high-reliability hermetic components where performance, superiority and consistency are critical.



JOSCAR registered, SGA are proud to support land, sea, air and space applications globally. 


Where our components are used

  • Bulkhead connectors
  • Missile and munition control and ignition systems
  • Military actuators (land, air and sea-based systems)
  • Power and signal leads and connections
  • Sensitive photographic and surveillance equipment including night vision
  • Data recording equipment
  • Aircraft control systems and avionics
  • Aircraft ejector seats
  • Lapped glass to metal surfaces and sealed bulkheads
  • Fibreoptic cables and communications equipment

Advantages of SGA Technologies components

Our components are able to withstand the harshest environments encountered in military operations including:

  • Severe weather and water immersion
  • High altitude
  • Extreme atmospheric pressure below or above water
  • Rapid changes in temperature

Within these environments, our components deliver consistent, known long-lifetime performance to ensure that we supply a winning solution, whatever your mission parameters.