Specialists in Hermetics and Plating


Our seals, packages and assemblies our used in a vast range of industry sectors including supply to blue chip and leading defence contractors. Our subcontract plating service provides high specification technical plating in wide variety of sectors including aerospace.

A brief range of sectors supplied and an indication of some uses follows

Aerospace- numerous seals and packages are made for many aircraft (both Military and commercial) and missile platforms.

Military- sensors, measurement units, towed array, radar, Nuclear reactor compartment penetrators

Petrochemical and deep sea- penetrators , bulkhead seals – pressure, flow and composition measurement systems..

Gas detectionsensor mounts, harsh environment isolation

Telecommunications- optical networking ,filters

Medicalequipment and implant

Marine- ROV seals, Towed array, cabling system connectors

Utilities- Gas meters

Scientific equipment- photomulitipliers, filament holders

UHV- pirani gauges , conflat type seals

Semiconductor encapsulation- TO types , crystal bases, Silicon carbide packaging

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Petrochemical and Deep Sea
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