Specialists in Hermetics and Plating

Ceramic Seals

We utilise ceramic sealing techniques to produce parts that incorporate ceramic seals either as a replacement of, or in combination with, glass sealing techniques. These may range from simple ceramic based filament holders for scientific applications to extremely complex electronic packaging solutions.

Packages can be produced using ceramic seals in the form of either ceramic “eyelet” or feed-through seals. These have the advantage of allowing much higher power connections into the package and also higher operating temperatures.

Direct copper bonded or active metal brazed ceramic substrates can be incorporated into packages. This can either be as a substrate within a traditional package or as a single or multi layer assembly as the base of a package.

Using ceramic substrates or substrate assemblies as the base of a package affords numerous potential advantages.

  • Reduced weight with respect to traditional techniques
  • Easier interconnect of circuit components
    • Pins etc. can be directly connected to the substrate which may remove or reduce the complexity of some wire bonds for example.
  • Via’s can be incorporated to allow surface mounting or further reduce interconnect complexity.