Specialists in Hermetics and Plating

Hermetic Packages

SGA produce many types of hermetic packages which generically may be considered as conforming to 3 basic types One Piece; Multi Piece; Special. SGA’s forte is custom packaging.

A one-piece hermetic package has a body which is formed or machined from one piece of metal. The result is a body with no braze joints or seams.

A multi-piece hermetic package has a ring frame (four walls) and a separate bottom plate hermtically brazed or high temperature soldered. Complex combinations of materials can be used to confer thermal conductivity, thermal expansion and weight benefits.

A special may be either a one-piece or multi-piece hermetic package that also includes further application specific customisation such as: Extended bottom plate; No bottom; Special connectors; Fibre optic ports (tubes); unusual lead forming , die mount platforms or substrates ,ceramic seals and windows etc.   Request a Quote