Specialists in Hermetics and Plating

Military Approved

SGA Technologies designs and manufactures high-quality hermetic components including Bulkhead connectors and provides specialist plating services for a range of sectors for military and defence applications

Defence contractors rely on a precision-engineered product to support numerous sub-systems within their equipment and require that we manufacture components to withstand the rigors of military applications.  This is why SGA are JOSCAR registered and certified.


Our components provide sealed protection against moisture, dust and debris, pressure differentials and can withstand acceleration, shock and vibration, as required by MIL-STD testing.


Where our components are used

  • Bulkhead connectors
  • Missile and munition control and ignition systems
  • Military actuators (land, air and sea-based systems)
  • Power and signal leads and connections
  • Sensitive photographic and surveillance equipment including night vision
  • Data recording equipment
  • Aircraft control systems and avionics
  • Aircraft ejector seats
  • Lapped glass to metal surfaces and sealed bulkheads
  • Fibreoptic cables and communications equipment

Advantages of SGA Technologies components

Our components are able to withstand the harshest environments encountered in military operations including:

  • Severe weather and water immersion
  • High altitude
  • Extreme atmospheric pressure below or above water
  • Rapid changes in temperature

Within these environments, our components deliver consistent, known long-lifetime performance to ensure that we supply a winning solution, whatever your mission parameters.