Specialists in Hermetics and Plating

RF Packages

At SGA Technologies, we bring more than 50 years of experience and expertise to construct and supply high reliability hermetic components and packages.

All design, production, plating and testing is conducted in-house by our team to the highest standards including ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Our RF/Microwave packages incorporate RF and DC feed-throughs which can either be sealed directly into the package or high reliability soldered, or a combination of both methods depending on materials and applications. Optoelectronic connections are often combined into these packages.

Our packages include:

  • CTE matched construction 
  • High precision machining for high tolerance final assembly 

Construction specifications include:

  • Machined box packages 
  • Lightweight material options for weight-critical applications 
  • Integral mounting feet or studs 
  • Heat spreaders 
  • Glass to metal sealing
  • Low temperature brazing 
  • High temperature brazing

Our package materials include Kovar and Aluminium, with our partial heatsinks utilising Copper tungsten, Copper Molybdenum and Molybdenum.

Coatings are conducted in-house at no extra fee, and include:

  • Electroless and electrolytic Nickel 
  • Gold; hard acid, pure and immersion 
  • Tin/Lead; 60/40, pure culmo, matt 
  • Silver; fully bright electronic grade 
  • Copper; bright acid, cyanide & bright pyrophosphate 
  • Chemical Polishing; stainless steel, copper & brass

Flexible design to your needs and specifications means existing circuits and layouts can be incorporated, and our packages also offer a wide range of interconnects including:

RF Connections 

  • SSMP 
  • SMP 
  • SMA 
  • SMB 
  • K&V type glass beads

Optical interfaces 

  • Brazed or integral fibre snouts or tubes (ferrules) 
  • To customer requirements DC connections 
  • Leadframes to min. 1.27mm pitch Power connections 
  • Larger pins for higher power requirements 
  • With bonding flats as an option Multi-metallic alloys and skins, as required 
  • All pins and leadframes can be cut, radiused and formed as required

Bespoke connections are also available on request.

In terms of performance, our RF Packages are:

  • Hermeticity tested to 1x10-8 atm cc/sec (mbar litre/sec) as standard 
  • Suitable for 250°C subsequent processes 
  • Suitable for operation with respect to Mil-Std and Telcordia standards 
  • Suitable for temperature cycling, thermal shock, corrosion resistance etc. 
  • CTE Matched construction for extended lifetime capability (25+ years) 
  • Tolerances, flatness, surface finishes and planarity to allow accurate interfacing and alignment