Specialists in Hermetics and Plating


Our extensive and flexible production facilities include:

  • 4 fully computer controlled BTU continuous belt furnaces
  • 3 vacuum chamber furnaces
  • 2 pot furnaces
  • 1 quartz tube furnace

These capabilities give us the ability to produce seals and brazed assemblies in a wide range of sizes and volumes. Our seals currently range from less than 2mm diameter to 248mm in diameter and over 15kg in weight.

Our clean room has vacuum soldering facilities which are used for gold based soldering of seals incorporating lower temperature materials such as Aluminium based alloys and composites and also for large area void free soldering.

These production areas are backed up by extensive inspection and testing facilities and additional 2nd operation areas such as wire bonding, soldering, potting, resistance welding and extensive plating facilities.

Vacuum soldering system
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Clean Room
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